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List of our services:

IT outsourcing for companies

IT service for companies is one of the bids, of which we are most proud of. We cater to both small businesses as well as medium and large ones. We combine professionalism and accuracy. IT services provided by us is a service of the highest level.

Data recovery

Sunseco also provides data recovery services. Data can be recover from broken laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, flash cards (digital cameras), hard drives (internal, external, SATA, PATA, SCSI, SAS, RAID), optical media (CD/DVD),and pendrives with any filesystem on it (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX).

Computer emergency

Everyday we are reachable via several channels of contact: phone, Skype, IM and e-mail. No matter what kind and size defect it is (home PC, loss of the data, non working operating system, restarting server), we are glad to provide an assistance. Network of experienced, partnership companies will allow us to repair most of electronic devices (from mobile phones up to rack servers).

Operating systems configuration

Basic and advanced operating system configuration. Operating system startup optimization. Operating system components updates.

Operating systems installation

Installation and repair of operating systems (from Windows 98 to Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS (OS X), Solaris, BSD). Partitioning of hard drives. Optimization of the efficiency. Installation of new devices drivers and OS upgrades.

Operating systems repair

Restoration operating system to the last working state. Restoration of the operating systems from backups. Windows system registry repair. Purification of the operating systems with unnecessary software and services.

Software installation

Software installation from provided media or Internet. Assistance with installation free equivalents of paid software.

Data archive

Designing of data security solutions for home and SME sector companies. Data archiving, backup of indicated data. Installation of commercial and free software for archiving and backup.

Virus removal

We are able to remove any kind of infection. If you are interested in, we can suggest free software instead of paid one. We help to avoid further problems and we assist with installation and configuration.

New hardware installation

Installation of new equipment in the operating system. Adding cameras, microphones and their configuration to work with instant messaging: Skype, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk and others. Printers and multifunction printing/scanning devices configuration.

Internet access configuration

Assistance with configuration network devices: cable modems, ADSL modems (including polish providers Netia, Orange, etc.). Wireless routers (WiFi). Home network implementation design (for gaming console, phones, TVs, etc.)

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